Markets struggle as first monthly loss since March is recorded

Australians saw the ASX200 fall a whopping 136.2 points today, down 2.3% as the first monthly loss is recorded since March. 

It was a sea of red among some of our most capitalised companies including BHP down 3.5% Woodside Petroleum down 4.92% and Commonwealth Bank suffering the most of the banks, down 2.17%.

Much of this sell-off was spurred by losses on Wall Street overnight as investors were quick to sell off their holdings in anticipation of the outcome from the first US Presidential debate.

Gainers and Losers

The biggest gainers on Wednesday were:

  • CYC +6.64%
  • CTD +6.62%
  • ADT +5.00%
  • SM1 +3.39%
  • VVA +3.28%

The biggest declines were:

  • URW -6.92%
  • TRS -5.85%
  • S32 -5.56%
  • BVS -5.56%
  • SGM -5.49%

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