Priced Out Of Property


For most people, property is still the number one option when it comes to investing money. You hear again and again from the news how the average Australian is building wealth through property.

For many of us, owning our own home in Australia is a goal we all try to achieve. However, getting into the property market is becoming increasingly more expensive and for many of us it’s like chasing an unattainable dream as housing prices have far outstripped salary growth. Twenty five years ago it was possible to buy a house in a major Australian city for 3 to 5 times your yearly salary. Nowadays it’s more frequently 10 times earnings or more.

Often, getting into the property market means a drastic change in lifestyle and increased financial stress over many years. So what are our options to build wealth without committing to a 30 year mortgage?


Alternative Ways To Build Wealth


  1. Start a share portfolio. Blue Chip Australian shares can provide a yearly dividend and are liquid so they can be sold at any time should you need the money. Buy shares monthly averaging in on your investment. Look at dividend paying shares such as the banks, avoid speculative stocks.
  2. Look at investing in property in overseas markets or holiday destinations. These  markets are often far cheaper than Australia and many offer attractive financial terms. These can be then rented on Air BnB for an income stream.
  3. Buy a caravan and travel around. If you have the option of working from home this can be an affordable lifestyle choice.
  4. Buy gold bullion and add to it each month. Gold is a relatively safe investment and easily converted to cash.
  5. Set up a self managed superannuation account and invest your superannuation into property.
  6. Use savings to buy a business.
  7. Buy collectables such as wine, antiques , artwork or whatever takes your fancy.
  8. Build your bank balance. Cash is often King and money in the bank means less stress.


There are many other alternatives to building wealth and you no longer have to be concerned if you can’t buy into the Australian property market. Most importantly, put lifestyle and health before wealth.