ASX drops 0.3% after a strong rebound from morning losses

The ASX200 finished 0.3% lower for the day, reaching 6173.80 points, after being hit hard in the morning session of trading. 

Retail stocks were an outlier to the trend today as stores are expected to open back up in Victoria soon. Mining giants, BHP and Rio Tinto also managed to end today in the green, closing up 1%. 

The banks were not so lucky, all closing down around 0.5% despite their strong performance over the last few weeks.

Gainers and Losers

The biggest gainers on Thursday were:

  • HLS +9.30%
  • OZL +5.27%
  • EML +2.77%
  • CCL +2.77%
  • VEA +2.59%

The biggest declines were:

  • URW -9.28%
  • RSG -6.42%
  • AMP 5.56%
  • Z1P -5.08%
  • DMP -4.87%

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