The Gold and Silver Greats of YouTube

The Gold and Silver Greats of YouTube

For over a decade I have watched the evolution of gold and silver media on YouTube. There are some legends and some rising stars.

Because inflation is baked in the cake when we print money into oblivion. These “legends of YouTube” will be our tour guides on a new and exciting wave of retail interest, hungry for information on gold and silver investing.


Let’s start with Mike Maloney


Mike Maloney

His original book “Guide to investing in gold and silver” is the all-time bestselling book on investing which you have to admit, is quite spectacular.

He has been producing YouTube content for decades and is an excellent starting point for our YouTube tour.

Mike Maloney greases the path for the newbie gold and silver investor, who is making decisions about how much commitment to a gold and silver portfolio.

I’ll personally have friends and business associates that, sold houses, liquidated their superannuation and went all in on gold and silver, after reading Mike Maloney’s book of Investing in gold and silver. The true believers hung in there even after a decade long bear market.

His documentary “Hidden Secrets of Money” is a defining moment in your education of gold and silver. It’s a must:

It is beautifully illustrated and punches well above its weight for a privately funded documentary. Quite frankly it is prophetic, in the way it compares an overview of Rome to our current times and yet it was produced in 2013.

Mike Maloney himself posts a number of times a week. Currently, Mike Maloney is licking his lips in vindication, his decades long prediction is coming true. He can ramble on but continues to provide excellent gold and silver market commentary. His is out-of-the-box perspective on charts is second to none.

Check out his YouTube channel GoldSilver with Mike Maloney.


The Keiser Report


Where to start to describe Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, the dynamic duo. Max Keiser has had a media profile that’s lasted decades. He was a market trader in the 80’s on the floor of the New York stock exchange. He was anchored and featured on various news outlets but was embraced by RT (Russian TV) 2012, which does give you some idea of his antiestablishment position. He has a broad yet hands-on understanding of markets but so much more. As an artist working in large bullion silver and gold sculpture, I particularly enjoy his sometimes convoluted, many times cryptic, but most often epic overview on various details relating to market forces and this encompasses almost everything.

Max’s mental meandering would be endless if it wasn’t for Stacy Herbert, his longtime partner. She has had a history in financial media reporting that provides the backbone to their analysis.

Max loves gold but worships at the altar of Shitoshi, who was the founding father of bitcoin. His references to bitcoin are unlimited and he truly believes it will be the savior of freedom for mankind. Due to some restrictions from YouTube, the Keiser report has been rebranded to Orange Pill.

Check out his YouTube channel Max Keiser TV.


Kitco News


Kitco News

Kitco News was recommended it to me by a bullion retailer friend, quite recently. I had often seen Kitco news reports on my YouTube feed. But after downloading the free Kitco spot price app, which is the industry standard for Bullion retailers, I started seriously watching the regular reports which are extremely informative and consistent.

David Lin and the other anchors cover a broad range of topics on one hand and on the other they are specifically focused on Gold and Silver trading and all things related. Recently, one of the anchor Danielle Cambone left. In some ways this left a vacuum as Danielle had had a long history with Kitco and was greatly loved by the guests interviewed. The good news is that she has moved to Stansberry Research.

Check out their YouTube channel Kitco NEWS.


Stansberry Research


Danielle Cambone

Danielle Cambone recently had twins and switched from Kitco to Standberry Research as I mentioned. Her new show and maternal radiance have her long-time guest falling over themselves to congratulate her on her new brood.

She has very good connections with major players in and outside the gold and silver space, all of which seem to be her longtime friends.

Check out their YouTube channel Stansberry Research.


ITM TRADING with Lynette Zang


Lynette Zang

Lynette Zang is the Gold and Silver advisor mother you never had.

In her office there is little to distract you from her commentary of the decline of markets and human civilization in general. She also references a wide range of charts and will convince anyone to portion a percentage of their portfolio into gold and silver bullion and coins. At the same time gold and silver bullion and particularly coins are her bread and butter so she does have a vested interest in expanding the precious metals market.

Check out her YouTube channel ITM TRADING, INC.



Raoul Pal at Real Vision


Raoul Pal

This is another excellent commentator on trading chart analysis, current financial trends and also, he has a comprehensive overview of historical trends. A cornerstone of his thesis are the baby boomers, boom and bust trends.  He has real empathy for the baby boomer’s situation from his experience managing his father’s retirement.

When I discover someone on YouTube, I like to download who they are. I found Raul Paul a great example of that. He speaks eloquently as he sits at an end wall of what in appears to be some kind of bar or restaurant in the background, tax free in the Cayman Islands.

He has taken a serious position in bitcoin and he’s not alone. A number of large investment institutions are adopting the new technology and other Makkah nations in the background are securing bitcoins future.

As Raoul points out, bitcoin could be better than gold and silver because it is a truly limited commodity.

When gold and silver reach ever higher valuations the incentive to find more difficult reserves will drive innovation. Consider fracking in America. With bitcoin, there can only be 21 million bitcoins created through digital mining and that’s it!

This means, if bitcoin is adopted by major institutions as an investment strategy and the technologically savvy millennial’s see it as their answer to being shut out of the baby boomer economy, Bitcoins price will rise exponentially.

Check out his YouTube channel Real Vision Finance.


Mark Moss


mark moss

Mark Moss, an ex-surfer and all-round normal guy, is a rising star. I say that because he is refreshingly down to earth, he could have a construction company building pools, but he’s a libertarian educator at heart.

His approach contrasts usual YouTube presenters and guests which can be well… let’s say they’re a little home officey, analytical types or somewhat white-collar. Basically, Mark Moss escapes the trading platform to get outside and live a normal life occasionally. The market savvy cool dad you never had.

His valuable from an Australian perspective, because he gives insights into the American markets from a perspective that most people can understand and relate to. This is always important, as the ASX is a dull reflection of the S&P 500, basically we are never quite as high, never quite as low.

Check out his YouTube channel Mark Moss


Small caps


Small Caps with Kerry Stevenson

You may have read plenty of articles online from small caps which provides an excellent resource for ASX mining stocks. But I recommend Small Caps with Kerry Stevenson for an Australian perspective. Kerry manages to source all the major commentators in the gold and silver space from around the world and also brings a unique ASX perspective to the table. For example, property prices and the realization the average Australian lacks any understanding of gold and silver. For example, few Australians know how to investing in gold and silver is a hedge or that as hard times insurance with no third-party liability. Kerry Stevenson, has been a presenter in the Australian gold and silver space for a long time. She also seems to know many of the guests personally as so many over the years have gone on tour down under. Occasionally, she goes over well-known territory which can be slightly repetitious. Though her recent interview with EB Tucker I felt was cutting edge.

Check out their YouTube channel Small Caps.


Gregory Mannarino


Gregory Mannarino

Gregory is a passionate market trader. He’s a conspiratorial character whose conspiracies works!

In the last month out of 70 trades he got less than 10 wrong. Whereas fellow traders have fallen hard, desperately shorting the overheated US market, Gregory has gone long. He understands that for the time being, price discovery has completely left the market, due to the Federal reserve stimulus spending into the trillions. This has propped up the US market into all-time highs. This represents a complete disconnect between the actual economy and the markets. This can create tremendous opportunity and Gregory is completely transparent and free with all his commentary and his trades via his subscriptions as well as YouTube channel. As he states “I love the people. I’m doing this free out of my love for the people.” Personally, I have not found a better source for daily market commentary, for investors orientated to a precious metal portfolio as a hedge for what’s coming.

Check out his YouTube channel Gregory Mannarino.


Marin Katusa



He cannot be overlooked as a great resource. Every report keeps me on edge, with the feeling of missing out on the next unbelievable opportunity. He is an industry insider in mining and resources for many years. His hush tone gives you the feeling that your get insider trading tips for the chosen few.

Check out his YouTube channel Katusa Research.

As an artist and investor, I spend long hours in my studio. This gives me the opportunity to listen to gold and silver commentary ad nauseam. I’m also aware that the algorithm can create your own private pro gold and silver universe.

But I find it an incredible resource of information. With little effort you are engaged in the river of market related ideas that are constantly changing and transforming. Thomas Kaplan an historian and resource billionaire, described market charts as neurolinguistic mapping. I believe, the right YouTube information can allow your neuro linguistics to be engaged in this river of ideas and ideas represent market opportunities.

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