ASX records first green day this week

The ASX200 index closed up 139.8 points today following on from a strong close in the US markets overnight.

Discussions surrounding potential budget cuts and further stimulus packages provided a much-needed boost as the market rebounded from three-month lows.

Australia’s largest biotech, CSL, finished up 3.79% in a strong day of trading while the banks also got in on the action with NAB up 2.89% and Commonwealth up 1.90%.

BHP finished 1.31% higher on its previous day of trading.

Gainers and Losers

Some of the biggest gainers on Wednesday were:

  • CHN +15.86% to $2.63
  • SSM +14.04% to $2.03
  • CBR +11.97% to $2.62
  • CDA +8.13% to $11.57
  • APE +7.05% to $9.72

The biggest declines were:

  • RMS -7.30% to $2.16
  • ORE -6.47% to $2.60
  • PSI -4.84% to $2.75
  • AD8 -3.94% to $5.61
  • PPK -3.80% to $3.80

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This article does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of a particular person or entity. Before acting on any investment strategy or advice you should first consult with your current ASIC accredited investment professional or seek out a compliant investment professional for such. 

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