To be a hero In Daniel Andrews’ Victoria you require the following three requirements; do not support Hawthorn, do not vote liberal and, be a “Regional Victorian”. If you fill these requirements your union card and continued benefits are in the mail. When I was a kid a regional Victorian was somebody growing carrots in Box Hill. Nowadays the missus and I go there for excellent Oriental food. Never knew there were two Victorias.

In those days, hero status was not so easily earned. Generally, it meant multiple Grand Finals and some war service, preferably in a Spitfire. Keith “Bluey” Truscott filled these roles and I don’t need to write any further.  Editor. For those without Windbags extensive knowledge of military history.

Times change, but it seems dickheads don’t. Sometimes it’s the Emperor of Japan, and sometimes it’s a clown from Mulgrave.


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